Stop going through waves of reading and create a consistent habit.

Start Small, Really Small

Have you ever set a goal for yourself to read more? It was probably along the lines of “Read an Hour Every Day” or “Read at least 1 chapter each day”. How did that work out for you?

The Result

If you sit down to read 3 pages, most times you’ll end up reading a chapter and often more. You won’t always be able to read more than 3 pages, and that’s ok. Over time as this habit develops, you’ll end up reading more books and be integrating reading into your daily routine.

Change Your Default

Pick up your phone and look at the apps on the home screen. You more than likely have Facebook, Instagram, maybe Twitter on there. I’m not going to preach you on hiding those away or deleting them from your phone. What I want you to do instead is to add to your home screen.

The Result

By reading by default, and then engaging in social media when you consciously want to, you’ll change your relationship with both reading and consumption.

Put That Book Down

When I look back on the times I stopped reading consistently, it was almost always because I got stuck with a bad book. You know exactly the type of book I’m talking about. The one that is just a slog to get through.

The Result

You’re probably going to end up having 2–3 books on the go. That’s actually optimal because there will be times when you can’t read a certain topic. For example, if I’m reading about sales strategies and I want to take detailed notes, that’s going to be hard while I’m inline getting lunch.

Eliminate Distractions

Reading flow is the most valuable thing for absorbing the information being communicated in the book. Nothing will kill more flow more than hearing a text message chime or a new email beep.

The Result

Sit down and really absorb the information you are reading. You don’t have to break every 8 minutes to check your phone. You are learning new things with better focus and clarity.

Recognize that Reading is Reading

Books are one of human kind’s greatest inventions. They have allowed us to transfer information from generation to generation. Reading today is not done entirely through books, and the information you read outside of books is no less valuable.

The Result

The goal is to consistently read quality information every day. This can be in the form of paper books, ebooks, medium articles (you can follow me on Medium), blog posts, etc.

Programmer and Business owner from Canada / USA. I help businesses and entrepreneurs develop amazing digital products 🚀

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